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TEC Arts HD stems from the know-how of professionals in watchmaking and industry. The company’s primary purpose is to creatively decorate certain watch components such as cases, bridges, mainplates, dials, etc. TEC Arts HD has been based in Vallorbe, in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland since 2016.

TEC Arts HD, a Swiss company equipped with cutting-edge machines !

TEC Arts HD, from water transfer printing to small format printing

The hydro-dipping printing process is always fascinating to watch. This printing technique is always surprising! The purpose here is to tell you a little more about Hydro Dipping without going into too much technical detail.

The exact origin of hydrographic printing is not certain. The patent for this technique dates back to the 1980s.

Hydro-dipping, also known as water immersion printing or water transfer printing, is a printing method that decorates objects by dipping a piece into a water tank containing a hydrographic film with the desired pattern. The film adheres to the surface of the object and the ink is transferred to the surface to create a high-quality and precise pattern.

The basic principle is to float a water-soluble PVA plastic film (the same used around dishwasher tablets) on the surface of water in a basin. This water-soluble film has previously been printed with a chosen pattern. When the film eventually becomes liquid/melted, an activator is sprayed on its surface and then the object to be printed is immersed in the water.

This technique is used to customize objects such as motorcycle helmets, car parts, phone cases, toys, musical instruments, furniture, and much more. It allows for the creation of complex and original patterns on irregular or 3D shapes that are difficult to print with other printing techniques.

Water transfer printing also offers advantages such as durability, water resistance and scratch resistance. The technique is becoming increasingly popular in the personalization and decoration fields, as well as in the automotive and product manufacturing industries.

Hydro-dipping can be used to print a wide variety of patterns, including imitation wood, stone, carbon, camouflage and many other textures and custom designs. This printing technique has become popular in the automotive, interior design, fashion, art and hobby industries.

TEC Arts HD, a subsidiary of TEC Group

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As the younger sister company of TEC Ebauches SA (a company specialized in manufacturing components for luxury watchmaking since 2008), we are accustomed to delivering impeccable work for the most demanding clients.

TEC Arts HD has been part of TEC Group since 2016.

We provide high-quality work, from unique pieces to the production of several hundred pieces.

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