Water Transfer Printing
by TEC Arts HD

TEC Arts HD is the European leader in water transfer printing : large Swiss manufacturers and companies trust us.
The company, specialized in hydro-dipping and digital printing, can meet various demands, whether it be small quantities or large series.


What is hydrographic printing ?

Hydro Dipping, also known as hydrographic printing or water transfer printing, is a printing technique that uses water to transfer a printed pattern on a special film onto a three-dimensional surface, which can be more or less complex, such as a plastic, metal or ceramic object.

The process begins with printing a pattern on a PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) film that floats on water. The pattern is then activated by a chemical activator that dissolves the top layer of the PVA film, creating a floating surface of liquid ink on the water. The object to be printed is then dipped into the water, passing through the ink surface and transferring the pattern onto its surface.

Our work

How does hydrodipping work?

To keep it simple, here are the different steps in the process:

1 Preparation of the object to be painted (cleaning, sanding, etc.).
2 Application of a primer adapted to the final design, to make it more vivid.
3 Immersion of the object to be painted in the liquid where the desired pattern floats on its surface.
4 Application of a multi-layer protective varnish for high resistance (gloss, matte, soft touch...).

Hydro dipping : why choose TEC Arts HD ?

TEC Arts HD has an infrastructure that allows it to meet the demands and requirements of individuals as well as large groups.

Specialized and competent in the field of water transfer printing, TEC Arts HD is capable of meeting the needs of demanding clients and producing quality results on a large scale, whether for individuals, businesses or the watchmaking industry.

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