Hydro-dipping in watchmaking

The watch industry is an environment where brands are constantly looking for innovations to differentiate themselves from other market players. To stand out, watch brands must offer unique designs, innovative features and high quality materials.

TEC Arts will accompany you throughout your watchmaking project. From reflection to feasibility and creation to finalization.

Our work

Dare to be original!

The watchmaking industry is always looking for innovations and exclusivity to stand out from the competition.

TEC Arts HD for watchmaking

TEC Arts is the “little sister” of TEC Ebauches , a watch subcontracting company for over ten years. We are equipped with the most modern, precise, and sophisticated machines on the market.

Therefore, it was only natural for us to create a Water Transfer Printing department specifically dedicated to watchmaking.

We understand the high demands of the watchmaking industry and have developed this department to meet those needs.

Which parts of a watch can be decorated using Water Transfer Printing?

We can create decorations on internal parts of watches such as mainplates, bridges, oscillating weights, wheel train, dials, sapphire glass and even the entire watch case.


Custom patterns, on a very limited number of pieces, is it possible?

It is important to maintain open communication with our clients to understand their needs and preferences. We carefully study your project and are able to create prototypes before launching production.

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